Art and Design Faculty

General Knowledge About the Faculty

Art and Design Faculty was established on 13 th November 2009 and the first graduates were in 2010 -2011 academic year.


To raise designers of vision who can change thoughts into models with scientific and esthetic criterion, who can design products of quality in national and international levels, who can produce according to social and industrial needs, who follow the latest knowledge and technological developments about art and design, who have the ability to work as a team yet have the flexibility to think freely, who have the responsibility of ethics, who have self-confidence and who are the potential leaders with the designs he/she made that have both historical and artistic backgrounds.


To be a preferred and reputable educational and research institute in national and international levels with a strong infrastructure


  • Fashion Design
  • Handicrafts
  • Textile Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Traditional Turkish Art
  • Visual Arts
  • Jewelry Design
  • Ceramic Design


Quotas of the Departments

Name of the department
Acceptable with YGS score
Score type
Special ability
 Textile Design
 Fashion Design
 Graphic Design
 Traditional Turkish Art
 Visual Arts
 Jewelry Design
 Ceramic Design - - -
TOTAL 90 - 60


  • Educational language is Turkish and educational period is 4 years.


Tecnhical Facilities of the Faculty

There are 20 classrooms, 8 computer labs, 1 seminar room, 1 reading room, 2 cafes and 2 dining halls (1 for students, 1 for instructors).

Abroad Education Opportunities                

LLP Erasmus, AB Comenius, LLP Leonardo da Vinci Programme, 7th Framework Programme and Youth Programmes are available.

Presentation of Potential Employment of Each Department After Graduation

Art and Design Faculty, Department of Fashion Design graduates can be employed as fashion designers in different scales of ready-made clothing companies. Students are directed to confection sector or haute-couture boutiques according to their wills. When Turkish confection sector is examined, it is seen that there are a lot of companies operating in this field. The production of ready-made clothing includes a period of connected procedures. In this period, the experts of different areas are needed. Graduates of Fashion Design Department can work in the production period of modelling, cutting, sewing, ironing as well as working as a designer. After the changes in world economy, the companies are in need of the staff who are qualified with high level of information and skills. The sector tries to establish a structure of both qualified and well-equipped staff. Therefore, it cooperates with  universities. Students who are raised for this sector are going to be able to work as stylists, modelists and planning officers according to the needs of the companies.

Art and Design Faculty, graduates of Department of Graphic Design can work as graphic designers in the agencies of advertisement and graphics, press, photography studios, also in the departments of institutional communication of big companies.

Art and Design Faculty, graduates of Handicrafts Department who are educated in this programme can be employed in the relevant sectors as the designers of embroidery, handicrafts, jewelry, leather accessories, toys and dolls. They can also be employed in public and private institutions in Investigation and Development Units, and they can also work as customer representatives.

Art and Design Faculty, Textile Design Department graduates who are educated in this programme can be employed in public and private institutions as designers or consultants in textile companies in the departments of weaving, knitting, printing and also in the units of investigation and development, customer representation and in the units of traditional weaving, knitting, printing and figures.